Plastic injection moulding

Our main task is the production of technically sophisticated thermoplastic parts in the areas of: Household appliances, electrical engineering, suspension technology and printing industry and plastic reels.

Plastic injection moulding, Machinery, Performance
Plastic injection moulding

We currently manufacture 45 ultra-modern injection moulding machines, of which 12 are fully electric powered. The production range includes moulded parts of 0.1g up to a maximum part weight of 2300g with clamping forces of 20-650 tons.

All plastic injection moulding machines are equipped with modern CNC-robot systems for sprue removal or the removal of parts, for the positioning of insert parts, for packaging and palletising, and for downstream processing and module assembly. This ensures production at a very high level of quality.

Highly automated processes by modern processing machines with a central material supply and central drying system enable efficient production.

  • Processes / services:
    We process almost all commercially available thermoplastics.
    • Plastic injection moulding
    • Two-component method
    • Overmoulding of inserts
    • Integrated component assembly