„The economical use of finite resources is required not only from a financial perspective, but is also an important part of corporate responsibility for the environment and society.“ Hans-Peter Kerl


As a family business, sustainable management has always been important to us and is firmly anchored in our corporate strategy in order to provide the next generation with the best possible conditions.

The use of modern technology such as fully electrically powered, high-precision injection moulding machines both minimises energy consumption and increases the overall efficiency due to the low reject rates.

Other areas of resource conservation are:

  • Efficient compressed air preparation
  • Energy-saving lighting
  • Own photovoltaic system
  • Closed cooling water circuits with heat recovery for heating buildings
  • Minimisation of material losses through central material supply
  • Internal material recycling
  • Collection of internally unusable materials and transfer to recycling companies

The best technical and organisational conditions are ineffective without the people who stand behind them. Therefore, the education and training of our employees is an essential part of our corporate culture. Another important